Autism & Behavioural Psychology Intervention with Autism Specialist


The EPT Clinic draws upon a range of Autism Specialists including Behavioural, Speech and Language, Developmental and Occupational Therapists with expertise and experience in the area of Autism.

Autism intervention usually involves working holistically with the child, their family and the child’s wider system (e.g. their school or healthcare team).

Therapists support children, parents and educators using a range of evidence-based techniques. Therapists draw upon a range of tools such as:

• Effective use of visuals
• Home support systems
• Individual Educational Plans
• Use of TEACCH
• Use of ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis)
• Social skills training
• Emotional regulation therapy
• Tailored interventions
• School consultations or visits

Therapists use a family – systemic approach, which means they respect and work with the systemic world of the child. This usually involves the child’s family, educational placement or sometimes other healthcare professionals.

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