The Highly Successful Social Detective Programme


The EPT Clinic’s 8-week social detective programme was designed by Deirdre O’Shea and the EPT Clinic’s Team to support children to develop foundational skills in social emotional competencies such as social observation and social self-awareness. It is based on the Social Thinking ® Methodology and is used in conjunction with the internationally renowned resource You are a Social Detective! by Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr. Pam Crooke. The Social Thinking ® methodology teaches individuals about the social world, how it works and how to navigate to regulate in the social world.

Research has demonstrated that competency in social interaction skills leads to more resiliency, and a decreased risk of developing mental health issues later in life. Therefore, this programme aims to build a foundation of skills that will help your child to interpret, problem solve and respond in social situations. Throughout the weekly sessions, your child will be introduced to the concept of social thinking and how to navigate the social world through the lense of a social detective. Over a period of 8 weeks there will be weekly missions, mysterys and challenges to solve, presented in a fun manner and tailored to the child’s individual profile.

This programme is a language and meta-cognitive based framework suitable for children aged 7-10 years old. Parents will be given guidance on how to support their child to develop social competencies outside of the clinic setting.

It is important to note that the EPT clinic’s qualified team of therapists work uniquely with each individual child and their personal social goals. This programme is respectful of individual differences, and at no point will your child be encouraged to develop skills that are not reflective of their authentic selves.


This is an evidence based framework that draws from Cognitive Behavioural approaches and social learning theory, with an emphasis on respecting the autistic perspective within a neurodevelopmental framework.


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COVID 19 Notice

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