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Welcome to Minding a Baby’s Mind… the first prenatal programme of it’s kind.


  • Are you expecting your first baby?

  • Do you want to do EVERYTHING you can to ensure you have a healthy, positive pregnancy?

  • Do you want to feel prepared for labour and your baby’s birth


  • Do you want to be the BEST parent you can possibly be? Giving your baby the best start in life?


If the answer to these questions is yes, then this programme is definitely for you……This is an programme that aims to prepare you for pregnancy, birth, labour, care of a newborn baby, and much more… 


Minding a Baby’s Mind is a prenatal programme for anyone who is expecting a baby. It is delivered by the EPT’s Clinical Team including Chartered Educational Psychologist and Infant Mental Health Consultant Lorraine OB Madden C. Psychol., Ps.S.I. M6672 M.A. B. Ed. Psych. Ad.Dip., Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Sensory Attachment trained Maureen Ryan BSc. M.A.O.T.I.  BSc. (Hons) CORU 023579 and Registered Midwife with the HSE, Lactation Consultant and Infant Massage Therapist Anabela Almeida RGN, RM, CIMI, IBCLC.


How does the programme work?


Request a call from one of our team to talk about enrolling! Just email 


Minding a Baby’s Mind is an online programme which comes with a beautiful, colour printed handbook. The Minding a Baby’s Mind Handbook will be posted to you once you purchase the programme.



The programme is made up of 6 modules, which contains OVER 18 videos of parents and babies, as well as interviews with a set of highly experienced and qualified healthcare professionals. The handbook provides additional reading material, as well as a set of learning activities to help parents explore a number of important topics.

The programme contains information on a range of topics that expecting parents need to know in order to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, labour and birth. Most importantly, it also prepares them to care and connect with their newborn baby.


Becoming a parent is an incredible experience. Research which has tracked the development of infants, children, teenagers and adults suggests that getting a good start in life matters.


The modules cover:


Module 1: Minding the Family and Baby during Pregnancy

Module 2: Developing a Parenting Identity and Style

Module 3: Labour, Birth and Establishing Feeding

Module 4: Early Days at Home

Module 5: Early Developmental Milestones

Module 6: Adjusting to Family Life up to 6 Months After Birth


Designed by the EPT Clinic, Minding a Baby’s Mind Prenatal Programme aims to help parents become the best kind of parent that they can be, drawing upon scientific, evidence-based research from paediatricians, psychologists, doctors, midwives and other developmental specialists. An overarching Infant Mental Health framework is used throughout. This research consistently explains that there are certain things that we can do to encourage positive development of the baby and parent during pregnancy, and thereafter. This research has also tracked the development of babies through to adulthood with findings consistently showing that getting a good start in life matters, and that the supports which we receive in our first few years of life lasts a lifetime!


The programme was designed by a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals at the EPT Clinic, Ireland, including research input from psychology, gynecology, midwifery, and occupational therapy. The research and information in the programme references widely recognised best practice guidelines, including those issued by the World Health Organisation on antenatal care for a positive pregnancy experience, childbirth, postpartum and newborn care.


COVID 19 Notice

The EPT Clinic’s Team hopes you are doing okay during this difficult time. In light of the COVID 19 crisis, the EPT Team continue to closely monitor and follow public health guidance in relation to this unprecedented public health emergency. The Government of Ireland have listed Disability and Mental Health Services on their list of Essential Services which are exempt from the Stay at Home advice. As a result, we are trying our best to continue to support families while adhering to physical distancing measures.