Team Early Intervention Assessment

A Team Early Intervention Psychology Assessment (1-5 yrs)


A Team Early Intervention Assessment evaluates how a young child is developing in a range of areas including motor, play, problem-solving, personal-social development, language and basic processing. Assessment at this stage of development enables parents, creche leaders and preschool teachers to put intervention in place when it matters most. It provides a detailed strengths and needs profile and home programs for parents and teachers to work from. The focus is not on diagnostics (e.g. testing for Autism) but this can be added on if parents wish. 

It includes a detailed exploration of developmental milestones and early history, a formal developmental test (The Griffiths Mental Development Scales 3), and assessment of social functioning, emotional regulation skills and behaviour. Depending on the disciplines involved, formal speech and language or occupational therapy developmental assessments will also be carried out. In addition, this test includes screening for a range of conditions, including ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, trauma, attachment, and much more. Each assessment and report is tailored to what the family requests.

You can include:

2 disciplines (Psychology AND Occupational Therapy OR Speech and Language Therapy)

3 disciplines (Psychology AND Speech and Language Therapy AND Occupational Therapy)



NEW Neurodevelopmental Assessments in EPT Clinic

In line with international guidelines and research, we are now offering new Neurodevelopmental Assessments. One assessment to identify and support all needs. Interdisciplinary (Psychology and OT or SLT). Team assessment for every child and family from the start.