Parent Support Session with Therapist or Assistant Psychologist


When working with children and adolescents, therapists in the EPT Clinic believe that parent support is one of the key components to any intervention. Parents are the child’s primary carer and educator, so their influence is great. As a result, Therapists and Assistant Psychologists support parents using a range of evidence-based psychology and psychotherapy techniques. Therapists draw upon a range of tools such as:

• Listening and supporting parents
• Upskilling parents in psychology and psychotherapy techniques they can use at home
• Teaching parents about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Working with parents and children together using Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
• Teaching parents how they can use play, art, music, mindfulness, activities, and talk to help their children
• Teaching parents about behavioural techniques
• Recording parents and children together so that parents can watch videos and learn how to improve their parenting approach

Psychologists and Therapists use a family – systemic approach, which means they respect and work with the systemic world of the child. This usually involves the child’s family, educational placement or sometimes other healthcare professionals.


NEW Neurodevelopmental Assessments in EPT Clinic

In line with international guidelines and research, we are now offering new Neurodevelopmental Assessments. One assessment to identify and support all needs. Interdisciplinary (Psychology and OT or SLT). Team assessment for every child and family from the start.