Joan Kinsella

Clinical Secretary to the EPT Clinic


Joan works as Clinical Secretary in the EPT Clinic. She answers the phone on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, always doing her very best to answer your questions. She also provides a warm welcome to families when they arrive for appointments.

Before joining the team Joan worked within the financial services sector for many years and with the Public Participation Network after completing an IT course in VTOS Kilkenny. Joan is delighted to be now working with the EPT Clinic.

In her spare time, Joan loves Photography, Oil Painting and Dressmaking.

NEW Neurodevelopmental Assessments in EPT Clinic

In line with international guidelines and research, we are now offering new Neurodevelopmental Assessments. One assessment to identify and support all needs. Interdisciplinary (Psychology and OT or SLT). Team assessment for every child and family from the start.