Minding a Baby's Mind Prenatal Programme


An online programme that prepares expecting parents for pregnancy, labour, birth, and caring for a newborn baby

This 6 hour programme is for expecting parents


“We reference the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines, alongside information from the HSE and NHS throughout”.

Introducing a Groundbreaking Prenatal Programme

Minding a Baby’s Mind ™ is like no other prenatal programme, based on the scientific fact that…

“Getting a good start in life … matters”.

This programme:

  • Protects against stress by educating and preparing expecting parents
  • Fosters healthy attachment and positive mental health using a pioneering approach from Harvard University, and the field of Infant Mental Health
  • Empowers expecting parents to be the BEST kind of parent they can be – parents explore their parenting identity and style
  • The parent and baby are enabled to thrive by accessing cutting edge research from doctors, midwives, paediatricians and psychological specialists
  • Equips parents with strategies to manage the challenges of life with a newborn – managing sleep, feeding, crying, playing and communicating with a newborn baby

Preview the programme here:

Key Benefits of the Programme


  • Advice to encourage a healthy pregnancy
  • 18 Expert Videos
  • Resources for birth & labour preparation
  • Practical tips on breastfeeding & caring for a newborn
  • A beautiful accompanying handbook to summarise all you need to remember
  • Evaluated and approved by GPs and Clinical Psychologists

What do the experts say?


“The knowledge is evident”

“It was a pleasure to listen to such brilliant professionals”

“A truly comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the world of parenting and infant mental health”



“After the birth of my first baby, it struck me that there had to be a better way to prepare expecting parents for pregnancy, birth, labour and care of a newborn baby over and above what the current system was offering”

Lorraine OB Madden, Clinical Director and Chartered Psychologist C. Psychol., Ps.S.I.

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You can claim a refund of 30%-100% back on this programme/course via health insurance depending on your plan. Either mother and partner’s policy can be used in most cases.

COVID 19 Notice

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