Play Therapy Services

Initial Play Therapy Parental Consultation: €120
Play Therapy Sessions: €60


What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is a form of Psychotherapy which uses a child’s most basic form of communication, play. This approach is used with children and adolescents to express their feelings in an appropriate manner. Within the playroom a safe, non- judgmental environment is created focusing on the relationship between the child and therapist.

In play therapy, the child takes leads and the therapist observes. This encourages free expression and the child is in charge of their own process. It is believed that children have the inner desire for emotional wellness and through this child centred approach the therapist trusts the child will bring what they need to achieve this to the play room.

When there is a disruption in the child’s development, play is used as a method to work through it. Children often struggle to put into words exactly how they are feeling. In the playroom the child uses the toys to communicate and play out their struggles. In other words, play is the child’s language and the toys are the words. In this way, a developmentally appropriate approach can be used to best suit the needs of the child.


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