Preschool / School Visits


The EPT Clinic regularly support schools and preschools so that they can meet the needs of the children they teach. We offer schools and preschools Behavioural, Speech and Language, Psychology, Developmental and Occupational Therapy support.

Therapists support educators using a range of evidence-based techniques. Therapists draw upon a range of tools such as:

  • Effective use of visuals
  • School support systems
  • Behavioural Plans
  • Individual Educational Plans
  • Use of TEACCH
  • Use of ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis)
  • Social skills training
  • Emotional regulation therapy
  • Tailored interventions
  • School consultations or visits

NEW Neurodevelopmental Assessments in EPT Clinic

In line with international guidelines and research, we are now offering new Neurodevelopmental Assessments. One assessment to identify and support all needs. Interdisciplinary (Psychology and OT or SLT). Team assessment for every child and family from the start.