Proactive Parenting Experience (PPE)

Waiting for confirmation of Neurodiversity

A 5 hour, neuro-affirmative, evidence based course that supports parents while they are waiting for a diagnosis

This course is for parents who are waiting for an autism or neurodiversity assessment, delivered by neuro-diverse facilitators and psychologists. 


“Autism is a different way of experiencing and viewing the world, which brings great value to society”



The Proactive Parenting Experience (PPE) provides a safe space for parents to explore their feelings and learn about different ways of learning, thinking and experiencing the world in a neuro-affirmative, mutually respectful way. It equips parents with simple strategies so that they can proactively support their child while they wait for an assessment or confirmation of neurodiversity.

“Getting a good start in your autistic, ADHD, dyslexia or dyspraxia journey … matters”.

This programme:


  • Protects against stress by providing a safe space for parents to speak about their experiences, their concerns, and to ask questions.
  • Fosters neuro-affirmative and positive conceptualisation of what autism, ADHD and other neuro-diverge is referencing the most up to date research.
  • Is delivered by neuro-diverse facilitators and psychologists. 
  • Teaches about neuro-diversity.
  • Supports parents in speaking with family, friends and their children about their child’s differences and preferences.
  • Shares simple strategies and adaptations that can be made in home and school environments to create a more neuro-divergent friendly environment.
  • Teaches about self-regulation and family regulation, enabling families to thrive.
  • Equips parents with strategies and practical insights to help them manage any worries or challenges that may experience.

Key benefits of this programme


  • A safe space to explore positive conceptualisation and understanding of autism, ADHD and neurodiversity. 
  • Online, live course that you can access from the comfort of your home
  • Resources and workbook so that you have a record of the content
  • Practical tips for talking to your friends and family about autism, ADHD and dyslexia in a positive, empowering way.
  • Created by neurodiverse professionals working alongside the autistic community, psychologists, and parents of children with autism

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NEW Neurodevelopmental Assessments in EPT Clinic

In line with international guidelines and research, we are now offering new Neurodevelopmental Assessments. One assessment to identify and support all needs. Interdisciplinary (Psychology and OT or SLT). Team assessment for every child and family from the start.