Adult Team Autism Assessment

Adult Autism assessments are carried out by the EPT Clinic in a sensitive, kind, respectful way.

The client is provided with information about the assessment and Autism at the beginning of the process, and they are allocated a key worker so that they know who to contact if they have any queries or concerns along the way. Adults are encouraged to bring along a support person if they wish, because it can be a daunting process initially.

We prioratise:

  • Using “gold standard” techniques, including a team based approach.
  • Getting results back in a timely manner
  • Using a person centred approach – we – we have a counsellor/ psychotherapist as part of our adult team.
  • We also include a complementary follow up counselling/psychotherapy session 6 weeks after the assessment to make sure you are okay and to provide you with extra support after the assessment.


Stages of the Assessment:

Phase 1

  • Keyworker allocated
  • Information on Autism sent to client
  • Background form is completed by client and reviewed by keyworker

Phase Two – With Keyworker and Psychotherapist

  • What brings you to the EPT Clinic
  • Childhood
  • Teenaged years
  • Adult life
  • Current concerns
  • Autism questions

Phase Three

  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2 (ADOS 2)
  • Psychology assessment of sensory Processing, wellbeing and adaptive check in
    (Two therapists)

Keyworker will then:

  • Complete the report.
  • Discuss with team.
  • Carries out follow up letters to GP as required, telephone calls if requested etc.

Feedback appointment with client is carried out

Phase Four – Complementary

  • Follow up appointment at 6 weeks


Additional Add on Elements:


Cognitive AND Academic assessment add on €400

Speech and Language Therapy Assessment €300

Occupational Therapy Assessment Add on (includes movement, fine motor, sensory and writing assessment) €300

Mental Health Assessment with Clinical Psychologist €500

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