Learning Activity 1 : Adapting to Change

Page 21 in the MABM Handbook


In Learning Activity 1 for this module, you are encouraged to think about and write down 5 things in your life that will or have changed upon becoming a parent.


Learning Activity 2 : Thinking about Your Childhood

Page 22-23 in the MABM Handbook


In Learning Activity 2 is all about identifying what influences our parenting style.  Experts have consistently identified a tendency for new parents to think back to their own childhood and their own experience of being parented when they become new parents themselves. This is a normal and healthy process which enables new parents to think about what type of parent they want to be themselves. It is important to come to terms with how we were parented and how it may  impact upon us as a future parent. We are all influenced by how we were parented! Let’s move onto Learning Activity 2 now.

With your partner, think back to your own childhoods now and fill in the different sections of this activity in the MABM Handbook on pages 22 and 23.



Well done, you have completed this topic!

The next Topic in Module 2 – Lesson 1 is Early Attachment.

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