Learning Activity 3 : Your Attachment History

Page 26 in the MABM Handbook


In Learning Activity 3 for this module, you will be asked to think about your own parents or care givers and your relationship with them.


Read on through the various types of attachment that can be formed in pages 27 and 28 now. Then progress onto Learning Activity 4.


Learning Activity 4 : What type of parent might you be?

Page 28 in the MABM Handbook


In Learning Activity 4, you are encouraged to think about what your natural tendency might be, and to then think about one thing that you could do this week to become a more secure, emotionally available and responsive parent for your unborn baby.




Well done, you have completed this topic!

The next Topic in Module 2 – Lesson 1 is Video 2 (c).

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