Here is an overview of what we will cover in Module 4:


Primary Content – Lesson 1:

  1. Video 4 (a): Parent’s Roles in the Development of their Baby
  2. Video 4 (b): The First Few Days and Weeks with your Baby
  3. Early Communication with Your Baby
  4. The Basics of Newborn Communication
  5. A baby’s body language
  6. A baby’s verbal communication style
  7. A baby’s facial expression
  8. A baby’s behaviour as a form of communication
  9. Serve and Return Interactions
  10. What do Serve and Return Interactions Look Like?
  11. Video 4 (c): Early Communication – Serve and Return Interactions at 9 weeks


Additional Reading for Module 4 – Lesson 2:

  1. Learning Activity 1 (M4): Your Support Network
  2. Learning Activity 2 (M4): Support Team
  3. Problem Solving Together
  4. Creating a Supportive Bubble
  5. Healthy Preoccupation
  6. Learning Exercise 3 (M4) – Chat and Reflect
  7. MABM Module 4 Quiz


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