Here is an overview of what we will cover in Module 5:


Primary Content – Lesson 1:

  1. Video 5 (a): The Developing Brain with Senior Psychologist Lorraine
  2. Video 5 (b): Early Developmental Milestones with Occupational Therapist Maureen
  3. Video 5 (c): Chatting and Connecting with your Baby – 3 months 


Additional Reading for Module 5 – Lesson 2:

  1. Understanding A Baby’s Mind
  2. Mentalisation
  3. Mentalisation Case Study
  4. Regulation
  5. Mentalisation task – Marked Mirroring
  6. Sowing Seeds for Social Competence and Emotional Wellbeing
  7. Why is social competence and well adjusted mental wellbeing in adults important for our children’s development?
  8. How do we as parents improve our social competence?
  9. Seeing yourself in your Baby
  10. Learning Activity 1 (M5): Passing on Traits to Your Child
  11. Learning Exercise 2 (M5)– Chat and Reflect
  12. MABM Module 5 Quiz


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