Here is an overview of what we will cover in Module 6:


Primary Content – Lesson 1:

  1. Video 6 (a): Supporting Your Baby At Home with Psychologist Lorraine
  2. Video 6 (b): Touch, Sleep, Crying and Soothing
  3. Video 6 (c): Playing with your Baby


Additional Reading for Module 6 – Lesson 2:

  1. What is good enough in the early months?
  2. Here is an example of “good enough” attunement:
  3. Laying the Foundations for Resilience
  4. Sleep Deprivation, Family Matters, and Adjustment
  5. Coping with Sleep deprivation
  6. Family Matters
  7. Learning Activity 1 (M6)
  8. Planning for Positive Family Interactions
  9. Grieving the Life you Had
  10. Difficulty adapting to your new parenting identity and the related responsibilities
  11. Reframing Life Changes
  12. Learning Activity 2 (M6): Identifying Possible Negative Thoughts or Unrealistic Expectations – then Reframing Them
  13. Managing Mood and Anxieties
  14. Learning Activity 3 (M6): Incorrect Interpretation of a Baby’s Behaviour
  15. Seeking Appropriate Help
  16. Learning Exercise 4 (M6):  Chat and Reflect


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