The Renowned Emotional Regulation Programme



Here is the answer…

  • Provides children with a therapeutic space to process worries and challenges

  • Provides family access to an experienced, qualified child and adolescent psychotherapist, psychologist or assistant psychologist

  • Enables children to understand and control big emotions

  • Improves family life


The EPT Clinic’s renowned Emotional Regulation Programme helps children and parents better manage anxieties and upsets at home and in school. When these difficulties persist, they can lead to arguments, outbursts, hurt and disappointment both at home and in school. However, these difficulties can be alleviated with the right support, restoring harmony and fun to a child’s home and school experience.

This programme uses a cognitive – behavioural therapy and somatic psychology approach to teach children how to identify, understand and regulate big feelings and associated behaviours. It also provides parents and/or teachers with a weekly handout, equipping them with one new psychology skill to try out at home or in school each week. Our therapists are happy to link in with parents and school during the course of this programme, ensuring a holistic, family and child centred approach to therapy.

The programme is carried out in a one-to-one setting so as to enable the therapist to tailor the programme to the individual child and family.

 This is a 12 week programme which includes:

  • An initial parent support session of 50 minutes. This includes explorative assessment of your child and your family’s needs to inform your child’s therapy plan.
  • x4 Child and family sessions. The child will spend 40 minutes with your personal psychologist or psychotherapist. The parent will also receive guidance, support and a new psychology skill during a 10 minute family check in.
  • x1 Family support and training session. In this 50 minute session, your psychologist or psychotherapist will liaise with you to see how the programme is going at home, and to they will feed back on their observations. Verbal recommendations will be provided at this stage, so bring a notebook! If there are two parents in the child’s life, both parents are encouraged to attend this session.
  • x4 Child and family support sessions of 50 minutes. You and your child will continue to learn new psychology skills each week. Your child will have a save space to process BIG feelings and learn how to manage related thoughts and behaviours. You the parent will continue to be trained and supported during our parent check ins.
  • x1 Parent feedback and reflection session. In this session, you will be provided with a plan to take away with you to work on at home with your child.
  • x1 Positive attitude booster session.  In this session, you and your child attend together to receive a booster session on how to continue to implement your new psychology skills at home and in the future.


This programme is an evidence- based intervention which teaches children how to manage and regulate strong emotions. It is designed to help decrease anxiety, challenging behaviour, outbursts, and upset in the family home.


Venue: The EPT Clinic, Unit 6 Kilkenny Enterprise Centre, Purcellsinch Business Park, Dublin Road, Kilkenny, R95 YA07


When: At a time that suits you.


Ability Range: Children from 6 to 17 years.


Price per child: €85 per session (Total of €1, 020)

50% booking deposit required to secure your place with our psychology and psychotherapy team.


Tel: 056-7771383


For bookings email:

This has changed our life, things are going so much better at home and the children are much more relaxed… happier!


Thanks so much to EPT Clinic and to Bob O’Brien, this has made such a difference to us.

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