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Education, Psychology and Therapy. We provide therapies, online support and assesssments for children aged 1-18 years.


“The staff and therapists at the EPT Clinic are fantastic. They were amazing with both of us. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Everything was perfect from start to finish”

About EPT Clinic

EPT Clinic is an award-winning healthcare provider established in 2019 following the founder and clinical director’s transition from HSE services into private practice. Lorraine started her career as a Primary School Teacher in 2008, working with the Department of Education for 5 years, before completing her studies in 2014 at UCD which qualified her as a psychologist. Lorraine has dedicated herself to the progression of psychology and multidisciplinary services in Ireland and was the 2022 Recipient of the “Contribution to Professional Practice Award” from the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) in recognition of her work.


 Our Approach in the Clinic

Our clinic operates a family-systemic, neurodevelopmental and mental health service which offers multi and inter-disciplinary therapies, assessments and online support to children and parents. We also offer training and courses to teachers and healthcare professionals on a range of topics – online and in person. 

EPT Clinic’s Team are dedicated to excellence in multi and inter-disciplinary neurodevelopmental services for children and young people.

We are proud to operate one of Ireland’s only private neurodevelopmental, child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) pathways. The EPT pathway provides parents with a stepped approach towards accessing healthcare supports for their child. This usually involves:


A psychology or psychotherapy consultation to give parents immediate access to a trained clinician, with advice and initial resources and signposting. This is often followed by a block of therapy for your child.


Initial support in the form of a parent online training courses.

STEP 2 (if required):

This involves a specialist neurodevelopmental assessment – with two levels in terms of complexity and diagnostics. Our specialist assessments identify your child’s strengths and needs, and your child’s neurotype, whether it is neurotypical, dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic, ADHD or a combination of these neurotypes. It involves comprehensive clinical observations and standardised tests with the EPT Team. All assessments are accepted by the HSE, the Department of Education and Science and other agencies, exemplifying international best practice. We are not accepting new asssessment referrals until May 2024.

Online Psychology Support


With EPT Clnic’s renowned, award winning psychology team.

Runs every month. 



The Proactive Parenting Experience (PPE)


The Authentic Autism Parenting Experience (AAPE)

Both of these courses are delivered LIVE, online each month. They are for parents or caregivers who want to help support their child’s sensory, emotional regulation, learning, social, behavioural and/or speech and language needs. Children may or may not be neurodivergent (e.g. children may or may not be autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic, ADHDer, or have sensory needs). Over two afternoons or evenings, the PPE and the AAPE provides a safe space for parents to explore their feelings and learn about different ways of learning, thinking and experiencing the world in positive, meaningful way. It equips parents with simple strategies so that they can proactively support their child at home and in school/preschool. These courses provide parents with 5 hours of psycholology support – normally €185 per hour! It references the most up to date research. It reduces parental anxiety and stress.

Once you complete your purchase through the FRESHA booking system, EPT Clinic will be in contact within 5 working days to welcome you to the course. The AAPE is more tailored to parents who have an autistic child, but anyone can attend either of the courses.

Online Psychology Courses


Autism I ADHD I Dyslexia I DyspraxiaI Sensory and Emotional – Regulation

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EPT’s Neurodevelopmental Pathway

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Parent Support I Online Courses I Therapies I Assessments

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Therapies and Intervention

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Emotional Regulation I Socially Me I Keeping Cool Anxiety Reduction

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2024 Online Psychology Courses

Begin your Neurodevelopmental Journey Now...

In EPT Clinic, we offer a neurodevelopmental service pathway, which is explained on the Specialist Neurodevelopmental Service page of our website. If you would like to begin this pathway and access support, please book either Step 1 or Step 2 here now: