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Educational, Psychological and Therapeutic Support for Children 1-18 years 


Lorraine O.B. Madden

Award Winning Principal Chartered Child Educational Psychologist C. Psychol., Ps.S.I. M6672 M.A. B. Ed. Psych. Ad.Dip.

“It was a very welcoming experience. My son was very nervous going in but he was put completely at ease and was so happy once finished. The staff were friendly & professional. “


Mother of  8 year old boy 22nd Nov.2023

We are an award winning healthcare provider established in 2019 following Lorraine’s transition from the HSE into private practice. Using a family-systemic, neurodevelopmental child and adolescent mental health framework, EPT Clinic’s interdisciplinary team of psychologists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists offers one of Ireland’s ONLY Neurodevelopmental Pathways. This pathway offers families everything they need, including support, therapies, training and assessments.

EPT’s Level 1 Support

A psychology or psychotherapy consultation is recommended initially to give parents immediate access to a trained clinician to recieve advice, initial resources and a plan.


  • IN PERSON Psychology/Psychotherapy Clinical Consultation with Parent(s).
  • ONLINE Psychology/Psychotherapy Clinical Consultation with Parent(s).
  • IN PERSON Child and Parent Consultation/Review regarding Letters/Forms etc.

EPT Clinic’s Level 2 Support

If you need support for your autistic child, or if you feel that your child may be neurodivergent (autistic, ADHDer, dyslexic, obcessive compulsive, dyspraxic) and you want to learn about neurodiversity and access practical, evidence – based tips, techniques, then go ahead and enrol yourself in one of our research based parent online training courses.


  • The Authentic Neurodiversity Parent Experience (ANPE) teaches about neurodiversity via a live, online course. Parents will be enabled to support their children’s learning, sensory, emotional-regulation and wellbeing needs.

Our courses are delivered LIVE, online each month. They are for parents or caregivers who want to help support their child’s sensory, emotional regulation, learning, social, behavioural and/or speech and language needs. Children may or may not be neurodivergent (e.g. children may or may not be autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic, ADHDer, or have sensory needs).

Over two afternoons or evenings, the Authentic Neurodiversity Parent Experience (ANPE) provides a safe space for parents to explore their feelings and learn about different ways of learning, thinking and experiencing the world in positive, meaningful way. It provides parents with an evidence – based body and brain overview, explaining neurodiversity and neurodivergence. It equips parents with simple strategies so that they can proactively support their child at home and in school/preschool.

This course provides parents with 5 hours of psycholology support – €199 total or €39.80 per hour (normally €185 per hour!) It references the most up to date research. It reduces parental anxiety and stress.

Once you complete your purchase through the FRESHA booking system, EPT Clinic will be in contact to welcome you to the course. 

2024 Online Psychology Courses

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EPT’s Level 3 Support

Specialist School Support Online or In Person

School Support Service: This is a psychology led service which provides schools with the option of online and/or in school support to help teachers respond to the complex developmental, regulation and mental health needs of the children they are teaching.

  • ONLINE School Training and Consultation Support.
  • ONLINE Preschool/School Support WITH Psychology Report.
  • IN PERSON Preschool/School Visit WITH Psychology Report.


and Child Support


The EPT Clinic’s renowned Emotional Regulation Programme helps children and parents better manage anxieties and upsets at home and in school. When these difficulties persist, they can lead to arguments, outbursts, hurt and disappointment. However, these difficulties can be alleviated with the right support, restoring harmony and fun to home and school. 

We also offer the Keeping Cool CBT Programme, the Kids First Divorce Programme, and tailored sensory-regulation, psychology and psychotherapy sessions.

Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Assessments

Involves a comprehensive team assessment which identifies your child’s strengths and needs and neurotype – whether it is neurotypical, dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic, ADHD or a combination of these neurotypes. This involves comprehensive clinical observations and standardised tests.

All assessments are accepted by the HSE, the Department of Education and Science and other agencies, exemplifying international best practice.

What will I tell my child?

We’re going to meet some really fun people to do some puzzles and games with. Their job is to get to know you, and see how we can make things a little better and easier.

Can I ask questions?

Yes absolutely, on the day of the assessment, and also during the feedback appointment a week or two after the assessment.

My child doesn't speak, how will you complete your assessment?

We thoroughly enjoy working and playing with children of all abilities and are well equiped to adapt the assessment to your child’s needs. Don’t worry, we got this!

Do I need to bring anything with me?

We suggest that your child wears comfortable clothes and that you bring a snack and a drink. You may also wish to bring their favourite toys or a book with them.

Begin your Neurodevelopmental Journey Now...

In EPT Clinic, we offer a neurodevelopmental service pathway, which is explained on the Specialist Neurodevelopmental Service page of our website. If you would like to begin this pathway and access support, please book either Step 1 or Step 2 here now: