Authentic Autism Parenting Experience (AAPE) Parent Course

An online evening course which teaches about neurodiversity and autism

~Guiding parents during the next phase of their autism journey – after learning their child is autistic ~



November Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th 6.30pm to 9pm

“I think this is the best course any parent can do once their child is diagnosed…. safe environment ……. non judgemental ………. allowed to voice your concerns and worries to other parents who are going through the very same journey”.

“2 experts in the field of autism giving you guidance and clarity… making you feel empowered about your child”.

“You leave the course feeling so positive”

Mother of 14 year old boy, South East of Ireland

“The insights were so useful … I know that all autistic people experience autism differently but it was so valuable to learn about it in more detail.

“It made me think about how I was feeling. Discussing autism informally with others going through similar stuff… not only lightened the load but also gave me lots of tips. Lorraine was also so full of knowledge and put it across so well. Lastly, getting the validation that some of what I already have in place is probably doing some good”.

Mother of a 6 year old child from Laois

“Getting a good start in your autistic journey … matters”.

This programme:

  • Teaches about autism in a neuro-affirmative and positive way referencing the most up to date research.
  • Offers practical advice on all things autistic or related to child development and parenting
  • Reduces parental anxiety and stress
  • Is delivered by autistic and neurotypical clinicians and psychologists. 
  • Shares simple strategies and adaptations that can be made in home and school environments to create a more autism friendly environment.
  • Teaches about self-regulation and family regulation, enabling families to thrive.

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