Authentic Autism Parenting Experience (AAPE)

Level 1

A 2 day, neuro-affirmative, evidence based course that supports parents during the next phase of their autism journey – after diagnosis


This is an 2 day live course, delivered online with Chartered Psychologist, Lorraine OB Madden for parents of autistic children


“Autism is a different way of experiencing and viewing the world, which brings great value to society”

 helneuroThe Authentic Autism Parenting Experience (AAPE) provides a safe space for autistic and non-autistic parents to explore their feelings and learn about autism in a neuro-affirmative, mutually respectful way. It also helps parents move from assessment into the next stage of their journey.

“Getting a good start in your autistic journey … matters”.

This programme:


  • Protects against stress by providing a safe space for autistic and non-autistic parents of autistic children to speak about their experiences, and to ask questions.
  • Fosters neuro-affirmative and positive conceptualisation of what autism is referencing the most up to date research.
  • Empowers non-autistic and autistic parents of autistic children to be the BEST kind of parent they can be –by allowing parents to be honest and authentic about how they are feeling and what they are experiencing. 
  • The parent and child are enabled to thrive by accessing a supportive and accepting community of parents and neurodiverse professionals.
  • Equips parents with strategies and practical insights to help them manage the challenges that may present.

Key benefits of this programme


  • A safe space to explore positive conceptualisation and understanding of autism with neurodiverse parents and professionals. 
  • Online, live course that you can access from the comfort of your home
  • Resources and workbook so that you have a record of the content
  • Practical tips for talking to your friends and family about autism in a positive, empowering way
  • Created by neurodiverse professionals working alongside the autistic community, psychologists, and parents of children with autism

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