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“A succinct, yet enlightening illustration, that captures the very essence of human diversity through a creative visual medium.

This storybook elucidates complex concepts ranging from Psychology to Neurodiversity to Neurodivergence, delivering essential information in an effective, pragmatic and age-appropriate manner making it accessible to a vast audience. A must have for parents, carers and healthcare professionals who have Neurodivergent children”.


Daniel Doherty, Autistic Psychologist and Autism Advocate

Upcoming parent Courses 2024

Access immediate support with our award winning, neurodiverse psychologists by booking your place on one of our parent courses. They are delivered LIVE every month so that they are interactve and provide a meaningful, tailored experience  – hence the name!

The ANPE is suitable for all types of referrals, including children or teenagers who are anxious, presenting with emotional- dysregulation, sensory needs, dysregulated behaviour, non-speaking, speaking, those with co-existing intellectual disabilities and those who are gifted.

Each course is tailored to the needs of the parents who are in the group, with parent’s concerns and questions answered by experienced, highly qualified Senior Psychologists and assisting clinicians.  

Autism & Neurodiversity

8th and 9th of April 2024

Live autism and neurodiversity parent support course – the Authentic Neurodiversity Parent Experience (ANPE).

Autism & Neurodiversity

22nd and 23rd of April 2024.

Live autism and neurodiversity parent support course – the Authentic Neurodiversity Parent Experience (ANPE).

Autism and neurodiversity

13th and 14th of May 2024.

Live autism and neurodiversity parent support course – the Authentic Neurodiversity Parent Experience (ANPE).

2024 Online Psychology Courses

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Other Services Available

Specialist School Support Online or In Person

School Support Service: This is a psychology led service which provides schools with the option of online and/or in school support to help teachers respond to the complex developmental, regulation and mental health needs of the children they are teaching.

  • ONLINE School Training and Consultation Support.
  • ONLINE Preschool/School Support WITH Psychology Report.
  • IN PERSON Preschool/School Visit WITH Psychology Report.


and Child Support


The EPT Clinic’s renowned Emotional Regulation Programme helps children and parents better manage anxieties and upsets at home and in school. When these difficulties persist, they can lead to arguments, outbursts, hurt and disappointment. However, these difficulties can be alleviated with the right support, restoring harmony and fun to home and school. 

We also offer the Keeping Cool CBT Programme, the Kids First Divorce Programme, and tailored sensory-regulation, psychology and psychotherapy sessions.

Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Assessments

Involves a comprehensive team assessment which identifies your child’s strengths and needs and neurotype – whether it is neurotypical, dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic, ADHD or a combination of these neurotypes. This involves comprehensive clinical observations and standardised tests.

All assessments are accepted by the HSE, the Department of Education and Science and other agencies, exemplifying international best practice.

Begin your Neurodevelopmental Journey Now...

In EPT Clinic, we offer a neurodevelopmental service pathway, which is explained on the Specialist Neurodevelopmental Service page of our website. If you would like to begin this pathway and access support, please book either Step 1 or Step 2 here now: